Diesel engine exhaust: towards an occupational exposure limit

In March 2019, the Health Council of the Netherlands will publish and advisory report on the health-based occupational exposure limits (OEL) for diesel engine exhaust. The advisory report serves as a base to set a legally binding OEL by the State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment. Recently, also in Germany a proposal for an OEL has been made by the German government. Diesel fuelled engines are found on a wide variety of workplaces, such as in the transport sector, the construction industry and the agricultural sector. Diesel engine exhaust is an issue that raises concerns about the suitability of epidemiological studies and animal experiments in assessing an OEL, the practicality of a low OEL to be able to control exposure in workplaces, and the usefulness of the OEL for different types of diesel engines. These issues will be addressed in this afternoon symposium. In a panel session, the topic will be discussed with the public.

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