Exposure sciences with stakeholders in contested societal debates about the risk of toxic substances

Over the past five years a number of times public health concerns in the Dutch society resulted in research and consultation projects responding to these concerns. This session will deal with risk governance and more particular with the Dutch approach to achieve mutual understanding on complex issues by including stakeholders in research projects. In this symposium some topics will be presented to show how exposure sciences attempt to resolve cases were chemical exposures have been suggested to result in health problems. A fist case addresses the occupational exposures to hexavalent chromium containing coatings in the maintenance of military equipment, and a wide range of health complaints in a large group of former military employees. The second topic relates to home owners improving their homes by polyurethane foam in floor insulation. Many residents of such homes reported health effects over only a few years. The last case addresses the use of pesticides in agricultural applications. Over many years, resident’s pressure groups and also environmental organizations raised the question if the use of pesticides on agricultural land exposes local residents to a risk of health impairment. In each of these cases the Dutch government commissioned a team of experts to evaluate the potential relationships between chemical exposures and reported health problems. Most of these project teams reached out to the individuals with health problems to try and find answers to their questions and concerns. The experience from these cases, of which some are still ongoing, has raised questions of how to respond to public health concerns related to use of chemicals, and what the role of exposure scientists in this process is. These questions will be addressed by the speakers in a discussion with the audience. The symposium addresses the symposium topic Bridging Disciplines in Exposure Science to Inform Policy. The CGC brings together experts from different disciplines relevant to the topic Chemistry and Health. Five times each year seminars are organized, each time in collaboration with one of the professional societies relevant to a trending topic. For 2016 the CGC decided to propose a seminar on chemistry and health topics that raised much interest (and sometimes caused controversy) in the Dutch society and led to many items in the media over the past five years.

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